Hacking Techniques

Baruch Garcia-Gallo · January 10, 2020
Course hours: 80
Assessments: Formative Quizzes & Practical Exam
Accreditation: GCHQ/ANSI
Instructor Support: Yes
Difficulty: Intermediate
The Hacking Techniques course provides students with an introduction to the methodologies of penetration testing from an adversarial mindset. Penetration Testing is the practice of testing a computer system, network or web application to find security vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by a threat actor. During this course, we will walk you through the methodologies used by an attacker and provide you with a hands-on introduction to penetration testing. At the end of this course, you will have an understanding of each stage of a penetration test and some of the techniques used to assess the level of security exposure and demonstrate your ability to performs a basic penetration test in a live environment. As you progress through your career pathway, this course will better prepare you for the next step in your journey. How to complete this course
  • Hacking Techniques is mostly a practical hands-on course. To acquire the required level of skills needed to pass, students must follow along and complete all the practical assessments.
Expectations of the student
  • The pass criteria and the code of conduct are provided in the course outline.
  • Participation is encouraged in our WYWM learning platform and in our live sessions.
  • I would encourage everyone to continue researching and practicing in a safe environment.
  • Provide feedback on course content and application.
Hacking Techniques Course Guide Please download the kali linux virtual machine image that will be installed for virtual box HERE NOTE: When you use Kali Linux, in VirtualBox, it will be assigned an IP address by YOUR router or network. So in all likelihood it will have an IP address different to that shown in the video lessons and handbooks.

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